and Jesus cries...

over His church.

In America, the denominational protestant church is in trouble.


If something doesn't dramatically change in the next few

years, these churches will be a shadow of what they

once were . . . if not extinct. 

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and that makes Him smile...

Jesus said that when we show our love

for the poor, the stranger, the oppressed, the outcast, the abused, the hungry,

the frightened, the children - we not only please Him,

we also become more like Him.

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The answer is simple . . . but incredibly hard to do. Simply put, the church

needs to adapt a phrase from one of its most beloved songs,

"We Are One in the Spirit," by changing just one word in the refrain . . .


and they'll know we are Christians by our love           


For too long the church has focused on entertaining its members and

ignored those whom Jesus most talked about . . . the "least of these."

What can be done?

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