MAKING FAITH MATTER, Inc. is a non-profit ministry that assists churches in the transition from

‘salvation-only’ gospel to ‘salvation + service-to-others’ full gospel. 


Founded by Charlie & Barbara Stuart, MAKING FAITH MATTER brings together the elements, ideas,

insights and passion for embedding a service-to-others ethos alongside the salvation ethos. 


Contact Charlie to set up a conversation about how your church might be able to reverse the declining

membership slide, while serving others as a co-primary element for involving the congregation. Charlie

can be reached by phone at (407) 230-2125 or email at Charlie@MakingFaithMatter.org. 

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523 Bryn Mawr Street | Orlando, Florida 32804 | (407) 230-2125 | Charlie@TheForgottenGospel.org

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