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 Church in trouble, “Doing Christians” needed.

The denominational protestant church in America is in decline. If something doesn't dramatically

change in the next few years, these churches will be a shadow of what they once were . . . if not extinct. 


At the same time the non-denominational protestant church in America is growing.

In 10 years it will be larger than the Southern Baptist denomination.


Why? The biggest difference between them is the non-denominational church couples the Christian core

belief in salvation with serving others outside the church - especially the "least of these". It is a driving force

in the life of their congregants.


In other words . . . instead of cultivating “believing Christians” who stop short of acting out the prime

directive of Jesus – to serve others – churches that desire to grow need to spend as much time enabling

participants, and expecting them to act, serving the “least of these”, as they do for the traditional elements –

salvation, bible knowledge and cultural moral positions.






With our lives. Each “doing Christian” is called and commanded to live changed lives not just in moral and spiritual ways, but in outward ways – and by setting the Christ-like example of serving others, especially the “least of these,” in our family, neighborhood and workplace. How we think, feel, speak (or don’t speak up) and act toward the oppressed and marginalized speaks volumes to those who are watching.


In our communities. The “kingdom of God here, on earth” is being, or not being, ushered in by the actions of people using their gifts, resources, influence, time and energy in individual and collective ways to provide hope to those in need.


Through our churches. The church in America has been, and should be, the most powerful organization for justice and hope. For this to happen will require a dramatic shift in the relationship between the church’s hierarchy and its members in education, emphasis and expectation toward a bias to act in service to others.

The church in America should be the most powerful

organization for justice and hope . . . but it isn't - not yet.

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