A Journey Home

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  • "A Journey Home" is the true story of a prominent Florida family of six baby boomer siblings who, upon learning that their mother, Vicki, had a terminal diagnosis in 1996, put their own lives on the back burner to help usher her home.


    Vicki, a vivacious, cigarette-smoking, old South original, makes her own rules and lives by them. Forthright and sassy, she is a liberated woman with a servant's heart who won't miss a Sunday in the pew. Her six children, each traditional yet fiercly independent, are cut from the same cloth.


    "A Journey Home" is at once a an inspiring look at one woman's authentic, often uproarious life; it is also a serious journey. Through Vicki's children, readers explore difficult, timely questions of how to balance the needs of young families, professional careers and busy, often over-committed lives with saying a "good" goodbye to aging parents. In the process, some of life's most important lessons are revealed. Imagine Tuesday's with Morrie meets Ya Ya Sisterhood.